Rose – one of the poems in my book A Celestial Guide to Immortality

A rose is a rose

is a riveter

            Rosie the riveter

                        big girl arms

                                    that are strong

                                                            petals of glowing

                                                                        gold that run

into steel white

                                                                                                light, shooting stars

                                                                                                            smell tart, sweet

                                                                                                                        blowsy, loud, crass

                                                                                                            smokey, purple-eyed

                                                                                                lady of the shop floor.

                                                                                    Hips of brown

                                                                        stem, thorns prick

                                                            as they touch thighs

                                                blossoming into pink

                                    and white navel.

                        Petal-shaped breasts

            glow peach from

furnace fires, yellow

eyes reflect blaze

            of welder’s torch        

                         crimson tipped, red

                                    lips part to

                                                show egg-yolk stamens.

                                                            Thunder roll breaks

                                                                        breath of dragon heat,

                                                                                    as water drips

                                                                                                off downy cheek

into full-petalled bloom.

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