Spring Blog

So glad Spring is finally on its way.   Enjoying the crocuses that are pushing up through the tough ground and also the heads of the daffodils and almost blooming hyacinths.   It is a pleasant respite from all the goings on in North Korea, North Dakota and the Anti Gun Control lobby.

I am wondering if these events and key people are all tapping into some kind of Jungian subconcious river, and if you could perhaps draw a comprehensible line from Kim Jong to Bette Grande (with her smiling baby panda brooch) and Senator Mike Lee and his opinion piece on his opposition to background checks for gunowners.

Being a Republican Senator from Utah he is probably also very much in favor of the North Dakota  law.  He would probably be unable to see any kind of dichotomy between his anti-life editorial and his pro-life stance on abortion.  I’ve found that often those who belong to the Republican Party, are part of the ruling Junta in North Korea, and the Moslem Brotherhood for that matter, don’t often see the hypocracies and inconsistancies in their points of view.

Anyway happily back to spring and the bullfrogs!

March Walk

A warm day in March

sets the bullfrogs off like

a symphony with an invisible conductor

that fills the evening with spring sounds,

coming through the transparent blackness

that is just closing its shutters.

Folding us into its dark center.


We walk by the pond  

and the frogs stop slowly.

One by one, the horn section

dies, leaving the flutes of

the peepers to carry the melody.


We stand on the other side

holding our fingers to our lips

And wait…………………………..

after a few minutes, a reward

as the slow deep harmony resumes.

We creep on quiet feet

towards our driveway,

and smile at each other  

as we hear a single bullfrog

down in the stream by the culvert,

begin once again to blow

his welcome to the spring.

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