I am wondering why I am liking Vikings more than Game of Thrones.   When it started I really loved Game of Thrones – it was intriguing.  Now I am beginning to think that there are far too many characters and it is the same old, same old.  It all seems to be becoming too medieval and too mixed up.  Rather like eating mushy porridge.   Quite frankly I am beginning not to care about who gets to sit on the Iron Throne.

On the other hand I am becoming more intrigued with Vikings and Ragnar Lothbrook (aka actor Travis Fimmel) and his wife.  For one thing it is a simpler plot to follow.  Additionally it is historically accurate so these guys and gals really existed.  I am interested in aspects of the Viking culture which allowed women to fight with men and gave them equal property rights.

On a more superficial level both the men and the women are all really good looking.  Take off  your shirts more often guys, us ladies can tell you’ve been working out!  (Unfortunately not any fabulously sculpted pectoral muscles like these to be seen on Game of Thrones)! 

And to boot, here is the legendary Ragnar Lodbrook’s (Hairy Breeches for his bearskin britches) famous death song : “It gladdens me to know that Baldr‘s father [Odin] makes ready the benches for a banquet. Soon we shall be drinking ale from the curved horns. The champion who comes into Odin’s dwelling [Valhalla] does not lament his death. I shall not enter his hall with words of fear upon my lips. The Æsirwill welcome me. Death comes without lamenting… Eager am I to depart. The Dísir summon me home, those whom Odin sends for me Valkyries from the halls of the Lord of Hosts. Gladly shall I drink ale in the high-seat with the Æsir. The days of my life are ended. I laugh as I die.” 

Oh boy and he was a hell of a poet too!


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