My New Book written by JoAnn Deck …agent

My New Book written by JoAnn Deck …agent extraordinaire
Part Celestine Prophecy and part Proof of Heaven, the new visionary novel A Celestial Guide to Immortality by writer and professional communicator Felicity Harley is the rich read the “speculative” community has long desired. Ancient wisdom and secret truths unfold as we follow the life of Mehr (Persian for “love”) through her African, Caribbean and English upbringing to the stargates of the Middle East, from her time as a journalist contemplating the human condition to her deep explorations of healing, loss, love and future realities.

As a spiritual James Bond, the heroine Mehr shares exotic locations, schooling in England and her work as a British agent for M16 in Iran. Later as an investigate reporter, she confronts the senseless pain and savage cruelty that lead her to spread the precious wisdom of the Grail. Her role to uncover and explain the hidden knowledge of existence occurs through a new understanding of quantum mechanics that allow for parallel and holographic universes, a timely conversation for today, all spun into a compelling narrative and romantic story.

Steeped in both feminism and a lush sensuality, A Celestial Guide to Immortality is like a kaleidoscope opening up in unexpected combinations and exposing the heart of the human experience. With a flavor as alluring as The Night Circus and as shocking as The Age of Miracles, Harley’s work will excite book clubs looking for an exotic read grounded in the new language of quantum physics and the many possibilities that await us all.


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