(Artic Madness) A hysterical outburst
seen among Eskimos
mainly affecting females

She is a woman
from the far North
from a tribe known as Eskimos
her mental state is called Piblokto
otherwise known as “Artic Madness”.

When it first comes on
she dashes about her igloo
dressed in furs
screaming and destroying furnishings,
then she runs outside
into the blinding whiteness
feeling freedom
draw its cold strings across her face.

In order to experience it more deeply
she rips off her clothing,
throws chunks of ice to warn off her pursuers,
and plunges into icy, artic, water.

Feeling some sensation, at last, a tingling
against her dead winter skin.
she swims a few feet,
then crawls out staying
on hands and knees
numb and exhilarated.

She sprints back triumphantly
black hair streaming
like a battle flag in the wind,
naked across cracking flows
calling out a greeting to the reindeer
who observe silently nearby.

Safely once again in her igloo
she falls into a deep and innocent sleep,
to awaken completely recovered.

She is a woman
who wears my face
from the far north