A-Z Film Challenge: Day Nine


After a quiet weekend, time to get on with it, and the letter ‘I’. Lots to choose from here, with all those ‘Is’ and ‘Its’. I have left out plenty of films for you to consider, so please add your personal choices in the comments.

I am starting with a sumptuous classic from Douglas Sirk. ‘Imitation of Life’ (1959) is a treat for the eyes, and tackles an issue, as Sirk usually does. This time it is Racism, and attitudes to colour and race in 1950s America. The lovely Lana Turner stars, alongside memorable performances from Juanita Moore, and Sandra Dee. Despite the soap-opera feel, this was an important film, and dealt with sensitive issues that are still relevant as I type this. As always, Sirk delivers with a colour palette, and performances from the leads that will stay in your memory. A similar theme, adding powerful performances from Rod…

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