A-Z Film Challenge: Day Fourteen


On the ‘home straight’ now, and up to the letter ‘N’. I have an idea for my top pick, so let’s see if it stays the course today. There is not a huge number of film titles beginning with ‘N’, yet many of those are very good indeed. I will be leaving out some of the obvious classics, and some modern films for you to mention. As always, I much appreciate all the comments, and continued involvement.

To start, two black and white classics, with very different themes. ‘Jules Dassin set ‘Night and The City’ (1950) in post-war London. Suitably dark, for the film noir style, Richard Widmark stars as the hustler on the edge of the criminal underworld, with Gene Tierney as the requisite girl in danger, and Herbert Lom suitably villainous as the betting fixer. Perhaps not as good as its reputation, the film nonetheless has pace, and…

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