Free book edit contest

Bobbing Around

I’ve been a professional editor since 1999. In 2007, I won the now sadly defunct Editors and Preditors’ contest for best editor.

Several small, independent publishers regularly send me work, and I assist a steady trickle of writers pre-submission.

My rates, conditions, and testimonials from many clients are at

In the past, I have run two “free edit contests,” and am now offering this opportunity to other writers for the third time.

I don’t actually need more editing work, so why am I doing this?

What I need is publicity for my books. I’ve been trying the avenues everyone else tries, with the same results. However, my previous two free edit contests brought thousands of visitors to my website.

So, in a way there is a “payment” for entering in my contest: look around and see what you can see. Check out my books, and they may intrigue…

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