Bloggers and Gravatars: More advice


I often mention how lucky I am (and how much I appreciate) to have steady stream of new followers. Many of those are also new bloggers, and the majority of them make the same error, time and again. This is not the first time I have highlighted this, but for the benefit of new people, I will try again.

They fail to link their Gravatar profile to their WordPress site, or their own self-hosted site. So when I decide to click on their Gravatar, prior to heading over to their blog to thank them, or to see if I might want to follow them, I almost always find that the most important link is missing. That means I can’t easily click onto their site, and it also means I am unsure if they even have one. So that blogger doesn’t receive my customary thanks, and I am unable to read…

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Science Fiction Fans: Please Read


I have received some information about magazines that contain great stories for fans of the Science Fiction genre. I am pleased to note that one of those featured is Unfit Magazine, from the publishers of Longshot Island. Please check out the links if you are interested.

Eight Times the Gift of Science Fiction

Here are 8 places to find great science fiction short stories. The list is divided between 4 magazines (1-4) with a more traditional lineup of authors and 4 magazines (5-8) that typically showcase younger authors. All the magazines listed here have both, making any of them a great choice as a gift for someone who wants a little of everything.

1. Galaxy’s Edge – This magazine starts with “The Editor’s Word” and believe me, Mike Resnick’s got something interesting to say each time. Although this is a newer magazine, it tends to be graced with stories by…

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Other Blogs: Part Four


Don’t worry, I am not going to feature every single blogger I follow! 🙂 Some of them haven’t posted for a long time anyway, and I am concentrating on those who post something on a regular basis. So if you see anything you like the look of, pop over and read some posts. I only recommend bloggers who are friendly and engaging, as well as those who have been valued followers of my own blog for some time.

Bi-lingual in Spanish and English, a published writer and novelist, qualified doctor, and very supportive blogger. With her concentration on reviewing books, and providing a valuable translation service too, Olga Nunez Miret is a lovely engaging lady, someone I am very happy to call a friend.

Jude is a photographer, and she has quite a few different blogs. She has been blogging for as long as I have, and we have…

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Other Blogs: Part Three


I am continuing this series of recommendations of other blogs that I currently follow. If you do not know any of them, then perhaps consider visiting, and reading a post or two. It all helps to support and encourage our fellow bloggers in this great community.

Cindy Bruchman is a lovely American lady. A full-time teacher, published novelist, and a seasoned traveller too. Her blog is full of interesting things, including film and cinema, literature, great photos, travel experiences, and life in Arizona. One of my great blogging friends, and we have collaborated on articles too.

Fraggle has many blogs, and they are mostly about photography. She travels around the north-east of England finding amazing places to photograph, and provides fascinating informative history about them too. On occasion, she goes further afield, and uses her extensive armoury of cameras to capture some great results. A good sense of humour…

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2018 … A Year of Reading – Part 2

2018 … A Year of Reading – Part 1

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

I didn’t set out to do this, but 2018 turned out to be a perfect storm of reading for me! I read more books during this past year than I believe I have in any other year before. And I enjoyed my time reading, too. It never felt like work at all, because I didn’t set a target number of books to read. I just kept reading books as they came to me … either from my own shelves, or given to me by other readers, or won in giveaways, or – the way I received most of what I read – borrowed from the library!

I didn’t enjoy every book I began reading, and I didn’t keep track of those I abandoned, but I do know there were quite a few. Some were highly praised and award-winners, but I discovered they just weren’t for me.

I read a large…

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Readers … resolve to read more in 2019!

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

HUGETHANKS to Allan Hudson for hosting me once again on his blog, South Branch Scribbler!
Following is much of that original post. Please visit Allan’s link to read in its entirety.

I am a reader and I read a lot of books! No matter how many I read however I never seem to catch up with my ginormous to-be-read stack/list of books. Even though I try to follow Dr. Seuss’s advice:

I never manage to come even close to catching up.

But then that’s part of the fun in reading, isn’t it? The search for new books to read, test-driving new authors’ writing, the joy in “discovering” a new-to-you book or even a genre that you’ve never read before. I’ve spent my entire life reading and working with books and authors and am an author now myself, yet I never tire of reading, thinking about, discussing, recommending and…

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A Free Book! (And I am in it)


Most regular readers will know that I have had short stories and non-fiction articles published in Longshot Island Magazine.

I happy happy to be able to tell you that one issue is now available as a free e-book, available to download from Smashwords, and also from Amazon soon.
Here is a link to your no-catches, completely free of charge, book of short stories and articles. And as the post title says, one of my pieces is in this issue. 🙂

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Get Published In 2019!


Daniel White is looking for stories to publish in two of his magazines,

If you have ever thought that your unusual and quirky short story should be worth consideration, then now’s the time to try. Or if you write about fantasy, other worlds, or mystical weirdness, then this is a chance for you too.

Please follow these links, to submit your stories. It’s free to do, and if you are successful, you will even get paid.

By Daniel Scott White. January 1, 2019
This magazine is about fiction that isn’t fit for ‘them’. What do I mean by ‘them’? Who in particular are ‘they’? They are the government. They are your parents. They are your teachers. They are everywhere.

By Daniel Scott White. January 1, 2019
This magazine is about fiction that isn’t made for this…

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Bob Chelmick and The Road Home

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Dear Bob Chelmick,

I was listening to your programme, The Road Home, this morning on the internet. As it was coming up to the hour, the show’s theme came on and I suddenly found myself getting all warm and fuzzy … and thinking back to another time in my life when a theme song had this very same effect on me. A time very, very early in my life when my mother turned on the TV to CBC for my younger sister and me so we could watch The Friendly Giant!

Trust me!! I mean this in a complimentary way when I say I then began considering how many ways you and your The Road Home are as similar to, in this my later adulthood, as The Friendly Giant was for me in my youth:

– you both have a theme song that instantly makes me feel calm…

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