‘Missing’ Bloggers.

Good thoughts


I had a request to help contact a ‘missing’ blogger yesterday.
That got me thinking about that particular blogging issue once again.

What happens to our blogs, if something happens to us? Sudden illness, perhaps even unexpected death, and the blog stops posting. No replies to comments, no contact by email, and we just become ‘missing bloggers’. I have no contingency plan for this on my own blog. No post ready as an obituary, should I unexpectedly shuffle off this mortal coil. Nobody else has access to my WP password, and as far as I know, nobody would even think to tell the blogging community of my demise.

Even if all that was in place, would those left behind even remember how to put up that post, or bother to let my email contacts know? I doubt it.

That leaves us with the ‘how long’ scenario. How long do we…

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Hackers: A Warning


If you look at your full stats page on WordPress, you will see a section on the bottom right marked ‘Clicks’. This shows you what some readers of your site will have clicked on. In most cases, this is a click to enlarge a photograph, to read a link, or perhaps to investigate the blog of one of your followers.
That is all to be encouraged of course.

I check this section regularly, mostly to see if anyone has followed links I may have added to a post, or which photos are popular enough for readers to want to enlarge them for detail.

To my surprise, and slight concern, the last week or so has shown a few clicks on my own WordPress login. This would show if someone other than me tried to access my admin page. This could have been a mistake of course. Somebody may have wanted…

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