Global Warming: The British Isles

Thanks for blogging this Pete – it is real and it is happening.


I have been on and off the fence for years, regarding Global Warming, or Climate Change, if you prefer. I am still not as fired up as some of those who write about the subject, but in recent years, I have started to credit the evidence of my own eyes, rather than to continue to read the sometimes rather hysterical reports that abound on the Internet. Some parts of eastern Norfolk are already quite literally falling into the sea. Tidal changes, raised sea levels, and erosion of soft rock are making ‘life at the edge’ no longer possible, in a few communities.

I found this image online, a gloomy prediction of the near-future for Britain and Ireland.

As you can see, Beetley is under water, along with much of eastern England. London has disappeared, and many large coastal communities no longer exist. And the prediction is that this will all…

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How to Properly Weave Backstory and Flashbacks Into Your Novel

Douglas W.T. Smith

In my last blog post, Five Qualities Every Character In Your Novel Needs To Possess, I mentioned I want to emphasize on character development for your novel.

In the last post, I skimmed over some important factors to consider building your character and mentioned there are five things to make a well-rounded character. These are:

  1. Voice
  2. Beliefs and values
  3. Physical traits
  4. Back-story and flashbacks (I added the flashbacks because it seemed to be a reoccurring device for character development); and
  5. Goals and motivations.

In this post, I will be interrogating the back story for your character/s. Below are things to consider before weaving your character/s back story and flashbacks into your plot.

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Hold That Thought!

Cage Dunn - Writer/Author

Did you know I’m a writer? It’s true. Sort of.

I write stories, and when they’re finished I check them – I call it RRR for Review, Revise, Rewrite. Part of that process includes checking for things that need approval from someone, somewhere.

Those things get noted and requests get sent. And I wait.

Sometimes, the whole story rests on the foundation of those bits. I wait.

And then the return comes, and I eagerly skim … unable to grant … hope you … etc.

And, if you know anyone like me, you know what happened afterwards.

Yep, that’s the one. A not-so-little tanty.

And what happens when a writer throws a tanty?

Said writer writes a story that *ahem* pays them all back.

Did I ever say it’s probably not a good idea to get on the wrong side of a writer? Well, it’s true.

Anyway, I digress. Again…

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