6 Reasons Why A Publisher Says Yes And 6 Reasons They Say No

K.M. Allan

If you’re wondering what makes the manuscript selected by a publisher so special, you’re not the only one.

I recently attended the KidLitVic conference where that question was put forward to publishers Susannah Chambers (Allen & Unwin), Clair Hume (Affirm Press), and Zoe Walton (Penguin Random House Australia). And a room packed full of writers waited with bated breath to hear the answer.

While the answer given was that the MS needs to personally speak to them, they outlined the reasons they’ll say yes and what makes them say no when considering the manuscripts that come across their desks.

6 Reasons Why A Publisher Says Yes

Amazing Story

Above all else, the story is what matters. Each publisher said that a good story will always be the defining reason they select a manuscript. Stories that are infused by your own experiences, world, and what…

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