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Being in Nature


My blog post about feeling grief about climate change and environmental degradation got a mixed response.   I had people messaging me to tell me I needed to meditate more and relax.   This response made me look further into the issue of grief over climate change.

In an article about managing the distress of climate change here Jennifer Atkinson, a  lecturer in environmental humanities at the University of Washington said:-

“The message we get is that our grief is somehow deviant.  But grief is a normal, healthy response to loss, examples of which are easy to find in a warming world.”

At the conclusion of the article she says:-

“Confronting grief takes more courage than looking away, which is the prevailing societal response to climate change.  And buried underneath that grief is something hopeful.”

In another article  Hope and Mourning in the anthropocene I read:-

“We argue that recognising ecological grief…

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