10 Types of Readers you Meet During a Lockdown

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Nicholas C. Rossis

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Angela Haupt of the Washington Post recently shared a fun list with the types of readers you meet during a lockdown.

I belong to the very first group. With a restless 4-year-old always around and with both Electra and me working from home, getting a free moment to read is pretty much impossible…

The working parents who are suddenly also stay-at-home parents

As I can attest, this group is lucky to get through a page of the New Yorker before passing out. These “readers” crave little more than reading the backs of their eyelids. They are caught in an all-day juggling act, and most books are too heavy to juggle.

The solution for parents and anyone else who is wildly distracted — and exhausted: fun short stories.

The readers seeking deeper meaning in the occult

In her 2008 book “End of Days,” the late psychic Sylvia Browne…

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Dear Author … thank you for writing!

Really good thoughts at this rough time.

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I receive a monthly newsletter from the website Order of Books that is currated by Graeme McGaw. The newsletters, and the website itself for that matter, are filled with a great deal of information about authors, their books, and reading in general. (I strongly recommend that interested readers begin following the website and sign up for this monthly newsletter.)

But this suggestion of Graeme’s in his April newsletter particularly stood out for me. He says:

One thing I also wanted to suggest during this period of time – take a minute to write to your favourite authors and thank them. Thank them for the books they have written, the adventures they have taken you on, and the worlds they have allowed you to escape into.

That’s something we should all be doing in general. I know when I enjoy a book, I take a minute to write to an author…

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