Susan Toy was reading “Setting Free the Kites”

What are you reading?

I say “was” instead of “is” in the title of this post, because I read this book in less than 2 days and didn’t want to stop long enough to write about it on this blog … it was that good!!

I first heard about the book from Will Schwalbe, who you may remember as the inspiration for beginning this blog in the first place … Will had posted on Facebook a few weeks ago a link to Alex George’s novel when it was released in paperback, saying he “loved” it – and that was enough recommendation for me! I was able to borrow the eBook from the library and began reading on Tuesday morning this week, finishing it up last night. And … WOW!!! was all I could say at the time.

Setting Free the Kites
by Alex George

To say I LOVED this novel is an understatement! It…

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Blogging: The ‘About’ Page


Does your blog have an ‘About’ page? Have you added anything to it? Do you allow ‘Likes’ and comments on it? Does it tell readers and potential followers something about you, and why you are blogging? Is there a photo on it? Does it give some idea of the style and nature of what your blog has to offer?
If the answer to any of these is ‘No’, then I think you should reconsider.

In the world of Blogging, the ‘About’ page is often sadly neglected by so many bloggers. Many do not even put any information on it at all, or remove it from their theme. I would like to tell you why I think a good ‘About’ page is important, and suggest that those of you who are new to blogging might want to give those ‘About’ pages a revamp.

New readers can happen across your blog in…

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